Lisa’s Journey

The why:

I’m a massively gym bunny and love keeping fit.

2020 started with great expectations to keep fit whilst pregnant with my second baby (like I did with my first) however, the pandemic hit, I broke my toe (!) and my plans ground to a halt.

I lost all motivation and vowed to lose my baby weight after the baby was born when and gyms re-opened.

However, after having a c-section and needing to rest for 8/12 weeks, all attempts to hit the gym were stopped when a second lockdown arrived.

The turning point:

In 2021 when the news of a third lockdown hit, I knew I had to do something and couldn’t wait for gyms to open.

I love my body for carrying two healthy children, but knew that for my own mental and physical health, I needed to regain my fitness and tone up.

I saw pics of a friend of mine on Instagram and was amazed by her body transformation. She told me all about Pow8r and that was it, I signed up ASAP.

The journey:

It’s been bloody hard, but also amazing. I’ve done every live workout, even though most nights I have a few hours of sleep.

The workouts go so fast and by the end I am buzzing and ready for the day.

The recipes have been great and I have honestly never felt better.

8 weeks in and I’ve lost a stone, but more than weight loss – I’ve gained so much more body confidence and energy.

Callum and Holly are amazing and I can’t wait for the next 8weeks!!




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