POW8R Up With Our Web App

Download our members only web app and take your fitness to the next level with unlimited workouts, live classes, meal ideas and a weight tracker.

Work Out As Much As You Want, Wherever You Want

We designed POW8R so it’s suitable for all ages, all fitness levels and all genders and what makes it even better is the fact you can do it wherever you are; at home, in the gym, in your back garden, the park or even on holiday!

You’ll get access to unlimited workouts with our fitness experts Holly, Callum and Faye.

Once you sign up, you’ll get access to our members only web app and POW8R Instagram account which will feature daily challenges, nutrition advice, recipes and tips on how to track your calories and macros for your body.

Ditch The Expensive Gym Memberships

Make a difference to your life for less than the price of a daily cuppa from your favourite coffee shop – and you don’t need fancy equipment or work out gear. Just wear something suitable and a single weight which is comfortable for you to work with.

Stay on track and get results

We Promise You’ll See Results

With constant access to the POW8R lifestyle programme thanks to our new web app, there’s no excuse not to stay on track. Workout wherever you are, use our delicious and balanced recipes and meal plans and you will see results both physically and mentally.

You can also upload pictures throughout your journey and keep track of your weight…don’t worry, it’s all stored securely so only you can see your private details and images.

POW8R Pregnancy Program

Our POW8R pregnancy program has been specially created for expecting Mums and offers a selection of specially developed workouts to the standard program.

Please ensure you have read the relevant terms and conditions and have been signed off by your GP before signing up and participating.

Holly has a level 3 award in supporting pre and postnatal clients with exercise and nutrition while Faye has CPD training in Ante and Post Natal exercise which was undertaken has with APPI, a leading and accredited international training provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the POW8R program?

You’ll pay just £29.99 per month – around £1 per day to change your life!

What do I need to be able to perform the workouts?

The only equipment you will need is suitable clothing and a single weight which is comfortable for you to work with.

Do I need access to a gym?

No, the beauty of POW8R is that it can be performed anywhere – at home, in the garden, on the beach…wherever!

Who’s POW8R suitable for?

POW8R is suitable for all ages from 16+ - both male and female of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner, new to healthy eating & exercise or someone with years of experience - POW8R is fully accessible!

What does the nutrition part of the program include?

You’ll receive a recipe book packed with delicious meal ideas as well as a shopping list to save you some time and hassle. You’ll also receive a calorie and macro nutrient calculator along with full advice on how to use them to help you stay on track.

Can I take part if i'm pregnant

We do not advise taking part in POW8R whilst pregnant but we have a prenatal program “Pow8r pregnancy” which is perfect when expecting - please ensure you have read the relevant Terms and Conditions and be signed off by a medical advisor before you sign up and participate

What can I expect to achieve?

With full access to unlimited workouts, wherever you are and 20 different categories suitable for all levels, you'll see an improvement to your mental and physical wellbeing. Plus you'll also receive daily challenges, live workouts and full support and advice on nutrition, menu ideas and a weight tracker.

What happens if I can’t do the live workouts at the times set?

No problem! You will have access to all live workouts on demand via the web app – that means you can even repeat some of your favourites over again.